Healing Centre Clinic


Healing centre offers an exceptional medical system that provides quality
preventative care, health promotion, primary care and rehabilitation for a variety
of conditions.

We provide affordable services to make sure everyone can get help when they
need it. We have brought together a group of senior professionals in this clinic
for your convenience. Our practitioners are specialised in a broad range of
diseases including, but not limited to:

1. Pain control for acute and chronic pain: neck pain, back pain, headache,
migraine, frozen shoulder, sport injuries. We work with a Pain research
and management centre to provide better treatments and advance
clinical practice of pain control techniques.
2. Stress reduction: sleeping problems, anxiety, depression, fatigue, panic.
3. Weight management: for overweight and its related problems.
4. Women’s health: painful or irregular period, menopause, infertility
5. Digestive disorders: indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea.
6. Skin problems

Why choose us:

1. Our staff care and warmly welcome you. You will enjoy your comforting
experience in our clinic.
2. All practitioners are experienced, qualified and registered.
3. We use natural, drug-free treatment to ease your pain and illnesses.
4. We not just treat your symptoms and illnesses, but also prevent them
from coming back.
5. We believe in treating you as a whole person, not just the symptoms and
illnesses you have.

Healing centre is for anyone who would like to discover their optimal well-being.
There is no referral required and major health funds rebates are available. We
give discount to pensioners and Centrelink Health care card holders.


She Chin Lee holds Australian recognised qualifications in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine
and Public Health. Her background enables her to integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine into Western medicine, promoting health and preserve the integrity and effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is experienced in treating acute and chronic pain symptoms.

Joshua Wu has master degree in clinical medicine. He is experienced in providing Traditional Chinese Medical treatment, acupuncture, Chinese cupping and Chinese therapeutic massage. He is specialized in acute pain, chronic pain, sport injuries, sprains and strains, orthopedic and internal diseases.

Khiuk Pui is not just an acupuncturist but also an experienced pharmacist. She has good
understanding in Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicine. She is hardworking and able to assist clients with emotional problems, addictions problems and internal diseases.

Sam Karun Bhusal holds a qualification for Remedial Massage. He is experience and specialized in acute pain, chronic pain, sport injuries, sprains and strains.

Arisa Yamaguchi is an experienced Remedial Massage therapist specialising in all sorts of pain symptoms, pregnancy massage.

Parichat Fhearghuis obtained qualification in massage. She is experienced in deep tissue massage, Thai massage, remedial massage, reflexology pregnancy massage and oil massage. She is warm and hardworking. Her firm and deep massage treats pain symptoms and helps you to cope with stress.

Chorthip Tanjapatkul holds Australian diploma in remedial massage. She has more than 5 years of experience in Thai massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage and remedial massage. She has a good character and is determined to cater your needs. Her hands could soothe and calm you and help you to deal with stress and other emotional problems.

Michelle Davey is an experienced massage therapist specialising in Swedish Massage and
Reflexology. She is currently studying Chi (working with Qi energy and acupoints) to combine a new therapy called Chi-Reflexology. She is able to help you with your health problems by doing quality reflexology.

Sean Zhu combines his knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine.
He is a PHD candidate at University of Western Australia. He offers his knowledge to help you with diseases and orthopedic problems.


Healing Centre Clinic in Garden
City Shopping Center

shop122, Garden City Shopping Centre
(next to Kmart)

Booking Phone:
08 9316 0061
0414 197 509

Trading Hours:
Mon to Wed 9.00am-5.30pm
Thurs 9:00am-9: 00pm
Fri 9:00am-5:30pm
Saturday 9.00am-5.00pm
Sunday 11.00am to 5.00pm

Han Fang Health Point has clinics in the following locations:

Westfield Carousel
Garden City Clinic
Garden City House
Healing Centre Clinic
Victoria Park
City Store



Reward Our Community – Absolutely Free.
Booking Essential

Acupuncture Seminar Series for aged care centre, nursing homes, community functions, corporate wellbeing program.

At Health Point we have provide Acupuncture Seminars to discuss the common issues such as:

• Neck and shoulder problems,
• Elbow and knee problems,
• Headaches and insomnia
• Depression and anxiety

Each section will take 45min including 15min Theory, 15min Assessment and 15min Trial Session. Participants have the chance to win $20 acupuncture voucher. The seminar is aimed to benefit our community with more practical and efficient Traditional Chinese Medicine skill. For more information or booking, please call 9316 0061.


Han Fang Health Point
Web: www.hanfanghealthpoint.com.au
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